Where Are Detectives Headed?

The values and norms of the modern society are increasing exponentially, bringing with it more challenges for the police and detectives alike. With the advancement in technology, criminals have now adopted and adapted the new modes of operation. The most obvious implication can be seen in terms of a surge in cyber-crimes in recent years. Everything is being shared or kept online… from money to sensitive, top secret information.  Breaches in these areas could mean that a family loses their life savings or governments being exposed to dangerous criminals.  For these reasons, law enforcement have found that it is of the utmost importance to stay vigilant against these types of crimes.

21st century detectives are facing a vicious demon that no other generation of detectives had to fight with, the monster of terrorism, both from within and without. There are a number of conflicts taking place around the globe, as some people would have us believe that nowhere is safe anymore. Although it’s not as bleak, however there is no denying the fact there is a certain shift in the ways detectives operate in the cities. Post 9/11 world is a more hostile and challenging place for police and their detectives.

Terrorists both local and alien are skillfully trained with one and only one motive, to disrupt the peace of the modern cities by creating havoc and fear. Detectives are now going through a transformation, rather… an accelerated evolutionary stage in which they have to adapt to the modern dynamics of the society. They have to work extra hard to ensure the safety of the public by staying one step ahead of the terrorists. Although various governments have formed separate ‘Anti-Terror’ units, this does not mean the job of the traditional detectives have become any less relevant.

Another hurdle that modern police and detectives have to face is the lack of funds, in the face of monumental challenges. Some governments do not fully grasp the significance of investing in the police department, which in turn means less funds and resources are available to detectives. Lack of resources means the detectives work in the hostile modern urban environments with their hands virtually tied in terms of what they can and cannot do, which definitely puts public at risk. Governments have to prioritize their policies of public safety, giving every possible resource to detectives and police officers in order for them to ensure public safety.

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