What Are Those Detectives Able To Do?

Common perception regarding detectives is deeply flawed.  People think detectives are all encompassing, all knowing supernatural beings. This is clearly the product of the misrepresentation of the law enforcement in the main stream media. In reality, detectives are more humans then most of us, simply because their job is to protect their fellow human beings, what could be nobler and more humane then this. However, they are no supernatural entities for sure, let’s just say they are more clever and more attentive then an average human being, let’s leave it at that.

In any good police department, the job of a detective is fairly wide. The responsibilities of a detective are split into a variety of disciplines. Each sub-department is led by an expert of that field. It is very rare to find a detective who is all knowing, who switches between departments haphazardly, instead detectives tend to form a team where different experts work as a unit for the bigger cause. Let us skim through some of the prominent departments a detective is likely to be involved with.


Perhaps the most quoted and most portrayed department of the law enforcement is ‘homicide’. A common mistake occurs when viewers unknowingly conflate homicide with criminal murder. The scope of homicide is much wider, to put it simply, killing of one human by another human is classed as homicide. Now as you can imagine this could go in a number of ways. Typically homicide department is called into action once the crime has been committed. Therefore a detective working in homicide had to determine the cause of the killing, and at the same time prevent any more killings that could result from the first homicide.

Robbery, Burglary, and Auto theft

Murders are not as common as robberies and thefts. Bigger cities are evidently more prone to robberies and thefts then the country side and small towns. However there is no hard and fast rule regarding how and when a robber might hit. Detectives and Police officers working in this department need to be more on the edge since it involves more attention to detail. There is more risk involved in this department. Often officers are called on a scene where there is a robbery in progress, or someone has already stolen a car and officers have to make the chase. In this sort of environment job of a detective becomes much more challenging and demanding, since the life of their comrades is at stake.

Organized Crime

This is not everyone’s cookie, if one wishes to be detective to curb on organized crime; they have to be on top of their game all the time. Organized crime rings are ruthless. They don’t sprout out to existence overnight; there is always a long chain of crimes behind them. Those involved in organized crimes are vicious people, and they know all legal loopholes, and one small slip by the investigator could bring horrendous consequences. Organized crime department is arguably the most exigent discipline of law enforcement which requires extreme agility and almost supernatural mental stability.

Cyber Crimes

Recent surge in technology has brought innumerable benefits to modern humans; however there is a darker side of the web. Well it is all in the name, for common folks it’s not possible to fully grasp the reach and intricacies of the web, but some people definitely do. Most of these people are ‘good guys’ like your local computer expert or other programmers designing apps tirelessly day and night. However there is no shortage of individuals who have evil designs and who conspire to commit crimes using anonymity of the web. To curb cyber-crimes, leading police department around the globe hire expert ‘hackers’ known as ethical hackers. These experts work alongside detectives to help train them in the world of cyber-crime. The range of cyber-crime is wide and complex, starting from simple harassment to terrorism. With every passing moment the significance of this department increases exponentially.

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