This is no easy task to write about the world of Detectives, merely because no amount of research and paper filling can do justice to the significance of this department of law enforcement. We all know that in most instances Police protect us but people often forget about the real force behind the police, the detectives. We are just too busy reading about the faults of policemen on our smartphones to recognize the people and departments who solve the murder cases. The intention of this website is to give the reader a look into the world of modern detectives, so that we can appreciate our law enforcement a tiny bit more, for a change.

First of all I want to make this very clear, and I cannot stress it enough… get rid of the entire preconceived notion about the crime and punishment as it is represented in the main stream media. As a matter of fact, anything that the media tells you about the law enforcement and how they handle cases should be taken with a grain of salt.  Trust me a whole bunch of people have unshakable faith in the media’s depiction of law enforcement, and they are not willing to see anything differently. So forget about what the world of media tells you about crime and punishment, the reality is much more intricate and sometimes shocking.

The world of Detectives is multifaceted on so many levels.  The average person wouldn’t believe how complex this department is.  Some could argue that it is the social fabric of modern urban existence. Crimes happen all the time, some more serious and mind boggling than others. It would be safe to say that detectives are the brains behind the entire institution of the law enforcement. In detectives line of work, he has to be objective and be able to notice the smallest details. They have a good understanding of the laws and criminals. Detectives are in the thick of it most of the time.  They see how violent things can get and they also can see that the whole process is a web of emotions, decisions, catastrophes, and in some instances, a sheer misfortune. In any case, public safety depends upon the efficiency of law enforcement, and crime prevention is extremely important. On this site I will be presenting to you various aspects of the operations and workings of detectives around the world.  If you have any feedback to provide about anything on this site, you can find the contact information here.